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Did I do the right thing?

So recently my crush didn't show up to class anymore. (College) we would always flirt & i lile to believe there was some type of connection. He always told me how I was there for him & oir relationship was different. Anyways long story short. He disappeared from class one day & didn't show up. I guess it turn s out he suffers from depression & he he didn't respond to anyone. So I reached out to his brother from social media. (I dont know his family). Anyways 3 weeks later he messages me saying he wanted to be alone. I care so much about him that my heart aches just thinking about him. All the time. I haven't bothered him any more & its going to be a month now. I have like a million questions on whats going on. But I dont want to reach out to him anymore. Cuz I care so much for him that everytime I think about him my heart breaks into a million pieces. Was it wrong that I reached out to his family?
Did I do the right thing?
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