I'm dating a guy who still has an active online dating profile. Should I be worried?

I've been dating a great guy for about a month and things are going really well. The thing is that he still maintains an online dating profile (OKCupid) and it lists him as "available."

When we are together things are great. He treats me so well and has mentioned my coming to see him (he lives in a city 5 hours away) and we are doing a long distance relationship. He has said he likes me and I have met his family and friends. We discussed having a long distance relationship after dating for 2 weeks.

He is kind of addicted to the internet and I don't think he would ever cheat (he has limited experience dating people) but should I be worried if his profile still says "single."

My profile still says I'm single but I am hesitant to disable it or say I am "seeing someone" for fear of freaking him out. I am worried that he doesn't like me as much as I like him. After a month is it still too early to be worried about this?


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  • Since neither of you changed your online status here is what you could try. Next time you two are hanging out if things seem like they're going really well at the end of the date just ask him, "so are we ready to take down our dating profiles yet?"


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  • Ouch. Sadly as in you're in an LDR, chances are he's looking a bit closer to home and just using you as a filler until someone else comes along. Sorry.

    Same thing happened to me recently. I met his friends and family, and went to a few family events with him but he blantantly refused to take down any of his profiles and wouldn't add me as a friend on facebook.

    Eventually I got so sick of asking him to take them down which he wouldn't (and that really hurt), so I broke it off with him, reported every one of his profiles on every site and haven't spoken to him since.

    Seriously hun, I wouldn't trust this bloke as far I could throw him.

    • I hear your concerns (as those are mine). But he has my had a lot of experience dating and we are still in that awkward beginning phase. We are friends on facebook, we talk nearly everyday, and he has mentioned me visiting him more than once. He is always the one to bring up the question "is this going anywhere.". I have met his family and his friends too. He hasn't given me any indication in real life not to trust him.