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Really into me or full of it?

I'm having trouble deciding whether someone I have just started seeing is too good to be true or genuinely in to me. I've dated a lot of bad guys in the past - ones where they feed you little breadcrumbs and you cling to those, so I don't know if I am so used to being treated poorly that I'm disbelieving about a nice guy.

Background - he messaged me 2 weeks ago on POF. We chatted on and off via text all day. He said it would be nice to speak so I suggested we do that and we spoke on the phone for an hour. Now been on 3 dates soon to do 4.

Here are the things that have happened / been said:

- Texting throughout the day and him initiating most of it, from first thing in the morning to last thing at night.
- He has a daughter and is very open about her and her interests.
- Happy for me to go to his place and keen to come to mine.
- Complimentary - often to a point of being a very smooth talker which I've mentioned but he just says he's being honest.
- Not wanting to rush physical intimacy and just wanting to build a bond, comfort and trust - says he's rushed into sex before and wants to make sure that he does things differently.
- He remembered my fave tea and candles for when I came to his.
- I had a freakout about something and he just cuddled me.
- He often asks "when can I see you again?"
- He's very intense - we have agreed to go slow but I have felt that he is super intense - but that might just be how he is.
- He's filled me in on a lot of personal things, and has shared stuff with me - yet sometimes I feel he doesn't ask me much back.
- Despite us not rushing, a lot of the texting can be about sexual preferences - but when I picked him up on this he apologised and does make more of an effort - he says that he likes exploring my mind and what makes me tick.
- Texts me to make sure I get home safe.
- Told me that he really likes me when I told him he was a unique character.
- He shares his collections and interests with me - bit of a geek but so am I.
1 y
Also forgot to ask - what are other signs of him being into me or him being full of it?
Really into me or full of it?
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