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Guys, is it a bad idea for me to hit him back up?

I had a fling with a guy, met him in November, started having sex with him in December, last time we hooked up was beginning of January. Then I got in trouble with parents and lost contact with him.

He claimed me as a girlfriend though I viewed him as just a hookup. But after a month with no contact I miss him so much and want to hit him up through instagram. The thing is i know he's a dead end, a relationship with him will not go anywhere, I just want to see him again tbh. He was my first kiss first sex first everything so I'm a little in my feelings about him cause of that

But I want a guy's perspective, is it a bad idea? Since it's been a month do you think he's moved on? Will I just be embarrassing myself contacting him? How would you react if you were him and got a message from me?
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Guys, is it a bad idea for me to hit him back up?
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