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Am I losing her even though she says everything's fine? ?

I've been talking to this girl I work with for a few months now. She just got out of a long term relationship and I haven't been into too many serious relationships too much... when we first started talking we hung out once or twice week after work. It started to become hard with schedules and her kids... eventually we both had the same day off and we hung out for a few hours. Hanging out has been very difficult still but we usually text all the time all day...

Sometimes I feel like she doesn't want to talk to me at work or text but she always assures that she does. Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I'm not sure our relationship status and she said she hates the day and she didn't want me to do anything, and she didn't want to hang out but she normally can. On Wednesdays. I've never had a girl on V day so I decided to hand write her a letter telling her how much I care about her (she knows through us texting and phone calls). She then messaged me and told me she liked it but it wasn't much... I felt stupid and feel like I shouldn't have given it to her... ever since she hasn't responded much and only a sentence max at a time which is odd for her. She told me I haven't done anything wrong she still likes me and her daughters been sick and she been playing Xbox and laundry but I just get worried... like I asked her to talk on the phone and she told me she won't be able to tonight or last night. I asked her to chill this weekend like usual even though we're more busy and she said she just said "hope so". Do u think I should be worried? I've just had relationships in the past where they say things are fine but they don't like me...
Am I losing her even though she says everything's fine? ?
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