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Can I mix Business with Pleasure?

I own my own company and have been working with a guy about my age who also owns their own company for the last 3 years. Everytime he gives me an estimate its way lower than anyone else. He delivers such a professional service each time and I have fallen for him.

I invited him out to dinner to say thank you and he reciprocated by cooking me dinner and he ended up making love to me all night long. It was the best experience but it also felt very much like a one night stand. I gave him space for 2 weeks hoping he will initiate communicating with me but he didn't.

We are now back to business as usual and he's still doing work for me at very reasonable prices which I can afford. When I asked him if he is open to a relationship he said he is not and he wants to stay single. he's about 2 years older than me.

The problem is that I would cut all ties with him but I need him for the work he carries out which sometimes no one else can do in the time it needs to be done. Is there a way to make this relationship work.

I honestly can't afford to lose him as he is an asset to my business but it's hard to work with him if he is not interested in me. At the same time I feel im getting mixed signals as he sometimes sends flirting texts as if to say he wants to hook up but not a relationship with me. We are both very single with no kids but he is either busier than me, doesn't manage his time as well or simply is not into me. What direction can I go with this?
Can I mix Business with Pleasure?
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