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How would you feel, think if?

Your girlfriend of 7 months didn't want to meet your friends?
Story:- we're an older couple I'm divorced he's separated 5 years. We haven't met each other's friends or family... he has asked me 3 times recently to meet his male friends but I don't want to the reason being he's separated but not divorced. I'm happy to date a separated man but not be in a long term relationship with someone still married and who isn't showing signs of wanting to divorce ( i already spent over 3 years in previous relationship with separated boyfriend and won't do that again), to me the relationship can't go any further than it already has as I wouldn't live with a man who is still married to someone else so i dont see why I would or should get involved in his life by meeting his friends if it's just dating thats going no where. We are exclusive. To me, if you want me to invest fully get divorced if you intend to stay long term separated that's your choice but I'm not getting involved with friends or family. I don't want to break up with him, ideally I would like him to divorce but I'm not giving him an ultimatum as divorce is between him and his wife, I'm ok with just dating and keeping it low-key.
Am I wrong for thinking like that, do you think I should meet his friends and why?
How would you feel, think if?
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