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Guys, Is he interested?

I've been single my whole life so when it comes to relationships i'm clueless.
I'm a girl 24.
On valentines evening I went out alone. One guy told me he was busy with his family since he's chinese, but he ended up joining me for a drink later on when he heard I was alone and told me he was worried about me but he only stayed for an hour because he was tired but also was in relief after he heard a friend was going to join me later.
The other guy I met up with. He called me out to talk about my friend who owed him money and then he stayed with me because another group was taking me clubbin and he was worried so he stayed with me despite the fact he was so tired he almost fell asleep. he said he was gonna stay only untill 2am but he ended up staying another 30minutes because i was still there and said he worried about me and didn't want to leave me alone (although I was with other friends as well) I felt bad since I could see he was struggling to keep his eyes open so I left around the same time he was leaving. Then when i got home he messaged saying he forgot to give me a kiss for Valentines.
I'm kind of scared to make a conclusion on my own since I'm scared I might just be overthinking and confusing myself.
What do you think? are they into me?
Guys, Is he interested?
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