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Guys, is no sex a dealbreaker if you REALLY like the girl?

I've been dating a guy for about a month and we see each other (usually spending the night) about three or four times a week. It's been going really well. We're both really into each other and vocal about that. I have no doubt that he's into me as a person, not just for my body or just for sex.
However I was very open with him from the start about the fact that I want to wait till marriage to have sex and while he brings it up often he hasn't really tried to push me further than I want to go and has been pretty respectful of that decision (although definitely unhappy about it).
Last night, it came up again and when I said something about waiting until marriage, he went really quiet and it just felt like he'd actually heard me for the first time and believed that I wasn't going to change my mind and after that he was distant. We still cuddled all night and he was sweet to me and kissed me in the morning and everything, but while we were getting ready he wasn't as touchy and chatty as usual and it just felt like something had shifted.
I want to ask him to clarify for me whether he thinks this is worth it if he knows he's not going to get sex until (if we even get to this place someday) we get married, but I hate bringing up serious discussions like that, especially fairly early on because I don't want him to thinking I'm asking for a commitment. I just want to know now if this is more of a dealbreaker than he thought because I'm very invested in him and it's just going to get harder and harder to break things off if I find out later down the road that he can't put up with it anymore.
He said something last night along the lines of "I'm crazy about you and except for that part [the no sex] it's pretty much perfect."
If you were in this situation, dating a girl you really, really liked and got along with easily and wanted to keep seeing, but you'd been having sex and she didn't want to, how much of a dealbreaker would that be? Where would your head be in that situation?
Guys, is no sex a dealbreaker if you REALLY like the girl?
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