Do I hang out with him or not?

OK so long story short; me and this guy hooked up last summer, I developed feelings, he did not. Then I went off to school and HE seemed to have developed feelings and he was constantly texting me and would always ask if I had hooked up with anyone... He would ask about my day and whatever. He made a point of suggesting that we hang out when I come home. We sort of started to become actual friends and I would go to him when I needed boy advice and what not. Naturally, I think he realized I wasn't necessarily interested in a relationship then and so now he doesn't initiate conversations anymore but if I need help he always helps/wants to hear about what's going on. So I found out last week that I am going home this weekend and I texted him and when I said I was coming home he was like "we gotta hang out!".

I DO want to hang out with him, but part of me just wants to hook up with him I think. I feel like we're kind of in this weird friendship limbo thing, I don't think he wants in that way anymore but he seems to want to hang out. However, he doesn't initiate texting so part of me feels like maybe he has no interest. When I get home should I text him to hang out or not? I just don't know; Part of me wants to but part of me feels like if he doesn't initiate it then how can we be real friends? But at the same time when I think about my best guy friends they almost never initiate texts, not because they don't care but because that's just how they are...So I don't know what to do...Please help


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  • Classic story, happens all the time.

    Guy hooksup with girl, girl likes guy. Guy doesn't appreciate what's before him and blows her off. Next thing he knows girl is smart and has a future, girl goes off to college, meets other hotter than him, smarter, more successful guys. Guy has reality check realizes he's an idiot for not liking such an amazing girl. But now the girl is over him and doesn't like him anymore. Thus the guy painfully but surely move on with life.

    Anyways, so you wanna hookup with him. being a guy, he is not gonna hesitate. Will he be hurt afterward, yes, especially, if he still has feelings for you and you don't for him.

    by the way the texting thing. most guys aren't good at initiating texts. especially with girls they like, just cause, we were told by other girls in our lifetime, if you text too much you'll come across as needy. so just don't do it.

  • Yes, call/text that dude and make it happen! Guys won't typically initiate texts/calls so I wouldn't fret about that. He obviously likes you and is interested. If anything be honest with him and tell him what's up and how you feel. He sounds like a nice enough dude to understand...and probably would be OK with that lol.


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