What are her intentions? I was trying not to fall too much for this girl.

Okay well I've been interested in this girl since last year and after getting more flirting experience I started to spark things with her. It all started out by her upset about a guy who lied to her (this was like a month ago) and I helped her through that. Then I didn't want to fall into the friend category and so I was saying how beautiful she was and how I need to see her. Then I told her how she makes me happy and she was like you're the only one necessary to make happy. And so I felt like we connected. Then we text everyday. If I don't text her, she texts me and vice versa. Today I saw her again and when I went home I texted her and I was teasing her by calling her a dork and I was like you're MY dork right? and she said "DUURRRRR"

But then after that I was like ha ha "aww you're so cute lol what are you doing Sunday?" And she hasn't replied back. I wanted to take her to knotts scary farm with me and my friends for my birthday but she never replied after. I AM SO CONFUSED! =/ We have homecoming this Saturday as well and I'm going to dance with her there for sure.

But what are her intentions? I was trying not to fall too much for this girl but as soon as I got back up looks like I've tripped again =/


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  • Call me silly, but maybe you could ask her to do something in person? Or in actual phone call? I mean, that way you know you have an answer and you're not so confused. Texting, girls have the option to not answer or something. So if she's interested or not, put her in a situation where she has to answer you. Y'know?

    • I got you, but next time I see her is Friday and it might be too short of a notice?

    • Then call her silly! Actually talk to her. I find it cuter that a guy personally asks me to do something rather send an e-mail or a text about it. Actually hearing a voice is a lot more personal. It shows you care.

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  • Stop getting yourself down over the fact that it's been less than a day and hasn't replied. To me, that's one of the most annoying things in a relationship.. I get busy, or just forget I've left my phone in my car, room or whatever, and never realize I get a text message and then I'm bombarded with "Why didn't you reply? Hello? ? Are you ignoring me, it's been like 2 hours and I haven't heard from you blahhhh!" Just ask her again tomorrow.


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  • Dude, don't stress over one unreplied-to text. You have no way of knowing why. It's pretty clear that she's interested, so you have absolutely no reason to worry. Talk to her before or at Homecoming about it. The sooner, the better.

    But do yourself a favor. Don't stress over this. Girls hate that.

    Good luck, bro!