Is it okay to choose to have my 1st kiss with my best friend?

I'm a girl in college and I've yet to be kissed.

I'm worried that my first kiss is going to end up being meaningless,with some random new guy I meet here who might take advantage of me.

I want it to be special, or at least with someone I trust. Would it be okay to kiss my best guy friend?

I asked one of my other guy friends and he said yes but it never happened. After that guy moved away I told this best friend (and a few friend girls) about my failed planned, so he knows I've thought about it.

So, would it be alright if I ask him? Should I bring it up in person or online. We mostly talk online. Does it matter if he goes to a different school? I really don't want to loose this friend because I don't have many people I can trust but this is really important to me :/


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  • If your first kiss is supposed to be special, why would you "spend" it on someone who you hav no intention of having a thing with? You need to let it happen when it happens, but not let it happen too soon, if you can understand what I mean. Don't go to some party and kiss someone for the first time there. Rather, let things develop with someone, at some point (there's absolutely no rush to get your first kiss out of the way; I was 17 when I had mine), then you can see how feel about it then. It's particularly special if you're in a relationship with the person, you know? That's the best way in my opinion. It makes it extra special, because you're already in some sort of commitment with the person, and it's not just some random guy you had a "thing" with ("things" don't always work out the way you want them to).

    That's how I see things.


  • Uh, I'm not sure about the logic behind it, but why not? You may confuse your best friend though. What if he totally falls for you? Aren't you creating more problems for what it's worth? And it doesn't make sense that your only alternative from your best friend would be some random new guy.

    And it sounds like something that you should run past him in person - I mean, facebooking someone about this is kinda attention seeking.


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