Do guys like it if a girl kisses them, if she isn't their girlfriend?

Basically, there's this guy I really like but I'm not sure/ I don't know if he likes me back. He doesn't have a girlfriend or anything and we're kinda friends, I mean we talk to each other most of the time and I was wondering if maybe I should just kiss him as a way of letting him know I like him but then I'm not sure if that's weird or what?!... Help please :) xxxxxxxxx


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  • Gosh, the dumbest thing happened to me the other day. Some hot girl came up to me and kissed me on the lips. I mean, what the hell?

    I hope my sarcasm gets the point across.

    • Hahaha funny... not!!! I'm not talking about a random stranger, we've been mates for 6 years and at some points we've been kinda close. He used to like me about a year ago, so that's why I'm not sure if he likes me now.

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    • I'll give it a shot, thanks for a proper answer :D but... what if he's not sitting down, any ideas??

    • Touch is a powerful thing. I don't know how well this guy can pick up non-verbal cues, so I don't know exactly what you should do. Play with your hair, stare at him, touch him on the arm, lick your lips. There are so many at your disposal. I'm sure if you are both standing up and you get unusually close to him with your arms wrapped around his, he would get the idea. Men can be so clueless, can't they?

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  • That happened to me once. I don't know if it was weird but if it was I sure didn't notice lol.

    In my case it totally worked and she was immediately reassigned from the 'just friends' category to 'I like you', but that is of course no guarantee the same will happen in your case. But at least there is precedent :D

    In case you're interested, it didn't work out for unrelated reasons and she now lives in another country.

    • Ok thanks for that but just to check, did you like her when she kissed you??

    • I liked her as a friend, but nothing more. She'd been a friend for over a decade at that point and the thought that she could/would ever be anything different didn't even occur to me. When she kissed me I suddenly saw her differently (in a good way) :)

      It's a slightly confusing feeling, as if you suddenly notice something that has been in plain sight for a long time. Not at all unpleasant though.

      I kinda miss the way she kissed :D

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  • yeah do it. only way to know if he likes you in return