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What's with this hot and cold behavior?

There is this Japanese guy that I like. We went on dates 4 times like this:
1st date: he touched my hair and ear.
2nd: we played with our hands (almost held hands), he hugged me inside the car for a quite long time for all of sudden
3rd: he grabbed my waist and lower back
4th: he leaned on me, caressed my hair, touched my nape gently and grabbed my shoulder pulling my body to his side while driving.
He started calling me "Chibi" (means, cute small girl, since I'm only 146cm), when he went out for a drink (from what I heard from his friends), he said that I'm the most good-looking girl among the foreign students in his opinion (but it can be that he doesn't know many foreign students either). He also invited me to go back to his hometown together, the 2 of us (although it was cancelled in the end)
but after that he disappeared for 2 months; he said that he was busy, then he cancelled plans (due to his demanding study at engineering faculty).

After disappearing for 2 months, he texted me again asking me to teach him English. He is a tutor to an English-speaking guy but instead he asked me to teach him, even though my spoken English isn't a match to his tutee (student of a tutor). We texted for a month everyday and went on a double date.
5th double date: when we went to take pictures at a photo booth, he squeezed my cheek, and when i was a bit drunk and fell asleep, he woke me up by patting my knees, arm, and lastly my head.

Strange thing is, when he's done with his business or busy, he replies short. (also this is one of the Japanese behavior when they're busy).

This is so confusing. Does he like me, or just using me for his own benefit? I think he's not a player since he's an engineering faculty graduate student and has a demanding study, let alone having enough sleep.
What's with this hot and cold behavior?
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