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How to escape the friend zone?

Soooo I'm a sophomore in high school and I really like this senior. He's super flirty and sweet to me, and always sits with me in the bands we're in, walks me to class everyday, compliments me, always talks to me, etc. I guess I somehow misinterpreted things because I thought he kind of liked me too until last week when he had a certain conversation with one of my friends. They were talking about me and he said that he thought I was really kind and funny, but he wasn't really into me. He just wants to continue being really good friends with me and nothing more. He feels bad that he's kind of been playing with my feelings by flirting all the time---he does it so often that people even ask him if we're dating. I know he's just generally a flirty person (he flirts with EVERYONE), but I don't know why he chooses to flirt with me more than anyone else. He also said that he doesn't want to hurt my feelings by telling me that he doesn't like me because he thinks I like him a lot. He thinks by telling me that he doesn't feel the same way, I'll stop talking to him, so I guess he does value our friendship. I don't really want to give up, though. I actually do like him a lot and he just makes me happy. However, he's really confusing me with all the flirting, protectiveness, etc. The other day, he was standing next to me in jazz band and my other senior guy friend stood right in between us and started talking to me. My crush just started glaring at me and I don't know if he was jealous, but he did seem really mad. So my question is... what do I do? I want him to like me back and I know he's graduating soon, but I don't want to stop trying. Any tips? Do I even have a chance? Thanks!! :)
How to escape the friend zone?
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