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What should I do?

I met this girl a while ago. And we just started talking and fhe first date was like a week after we started talking. And the first date was amasing. Really fun. So we decided to go another date. And after that we hanged out a couple of times.

First I thought she had some potential but after the second date I had more the idea that we could bexome good friends and end in a platonic friendship instead of a relationship. Nothing wrong with that since we both thought the same.

But now is the case. We've met each other a couple of times and I think I am getting more and more interrsted. But I don't know if I should make some moves or not. I know she really likes spending time with me, but that she didn't feel that physical connection - yet. Maybe that is because we both never made moves. I know that a friend of hers says I should makes some mives because she thinks that we really match. And I think I am starting to like her a little bit more everytime weve met. Because when we hangout I am really looking forward to it.

But my main point is: should I start making some - small - moves and see what happens? Or shouldn't I do it because she doesn't have the physical connection - yet?
What should I do?
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