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I'm confused, please help?

I'm 20, and as far as my dating life, it's been almost non existent. I've literally had zero boyfriends but I've talked to many guys, which failed because they manly just wanted to get in my pants. I've heard from friends and family that I'm pretty but at the same time people I know make me feel as though I'm not. However everytime I go anywhere boys and girls stare. On my social media I get guys trying to talk to me but in reality they don't they just stare from a far and sometimes lock eyes with me. i also get some jealous glares from girls and also from others compliments on my looks in person. I'm a thick girl as well. In person I'm sort of shy until someone talks to me so I'm normally just the quiet kid that's in reality mad chill. people tell me I look and walk confident like a model but I don't feel like it. So my question is how do you know if your attractive? by the way before you say, yes I love myself for who I am but sometimes just sometimes I can't help but feel a little unconfident considering my friends have always been in relationships and hit on the most. Another contributing factor is I've been bullied years before in middle school so that's another possible reason why I feel this way I don't know sometimes I just feel not good enough.
I'm confused, please help?
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