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My girlfriend says that SHE doesn't want to be MY priority, but she makes me one?

We've been together 5 months now.
She is bisexual (0 sexual experiences with females)
Anyways, she's the first bisexual person I've been with.
We work together and one of her best friends works with us also. Im good at picking up on vibes on people and the vibe on this girl is that she's a lesbian. I politely asked her if she was a lesbian, in which she replied "thats not funny. My dad thinks I'm a lesbian. Stop." And so i did... UNTIL
They began going out to dinner, and movies and insisted on calling them dates. When they were out, i called my girlfriend to talk with her and in the background i hear "Get off the phone we're on a date." Then i let my girlfriend know how i felt about her and she got defensive with me saying "Shes not a lesbian! she's straight. I just moved here and she's the only friend i have around here. All my friends are in the cities." Then i replied with "Okay. Imagine this then. You and her are hanging out watching a movie, then you lean in to kiss her. Would she or would she not stop you?" She said "Shes straight! And she's not my type anyway." But this girl is just the TIP of the iceberg.
My girlfriend has another job in the cities and an entirely different lifestyle.
she's her ALL TIME FAVORITE PERSON that lives there (for now). This friend of hers is Asexual (She has no sexual cravings ever apparently) and she doesn't identify as straight, gay or bi... anywho.. my girlfriend has said from the get go that she will always put HER above everyone else.
At first i was okay with that and i guess i understood it, but time passed and i said that there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I told her "This relationship NEEDS to be a priority. You're my #1. I expect the same in return."
In which she replied "this is bs. I do so much for you! I was with you on valentines day instead of her right?" Then i interrupted her with "well duh! Its VALENTINES DAY! im your partner. Not just a friend.
Then she says "I make you a priority, but i dont want to be your priority."
My girlfriend says that SHE doesn't want to be MY priority, but she makes me one?
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