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Why are some guys so hard to get close to?

Hi I was told this site might help me by a friend. I'm interested in this guy but he's very strange not in a weird way more a mystery way. Let call him Marcus. I first met him when I changed middle schools about 6 years ago. I was being picked on because I was a new kid. After my first day there three guys took my back pack and kept passing it around I started crying. Then Marcus came up and told them to give it back. A fight broke out and Marcus beat 3 guys and only ended up with a black eye and a busted lip. The three guys were out cold. When he helped me up I was a little scared he looked angry but he saved me so I figured what the neck right. After that day I didn't get picked on and Marcus and I became best friends. I noticed though he hardly smiles his neutral face looks like a glare but it changes if he's actually mad. He practices boxing punching a punching bag and trees bare handed. What weird is he's been my and several of our friends shoulder to cry on after something bad happened. He always acts I guess you could say like a big brother to us. Although I've noticed in the almost 6 years I've known him He doesn't date. I've tried to tell him how I feel at least three times but every time we get emotionally close he finds some way to shut the door on me. I really like him he's a great guy any suggestions on how I can tell him and maybe get him to open up would be greatly appreciated.
Why are some guys so hard to get close to?
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