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Creepy possible killer or just a bold romantic?

Long story short ;
Met this guy online. Texted for a few days. He was a little strange and awkward but overall everything was going good.
Saturday night I went out and got really drunk and texted him some silly stuff.
Today I had to go to work and texted him I was feeling hangover af.
He then texted me : what do you really want to eat when you are hangover like that?
I said I craved a grilled cheese.

After that, I decided to quit my job earlier because I was really beat and couldn't stand up. I left at 1oclock. I usually have lunch between 2 and 3.

Got home at about 1.30 and the guy in question texted me : I hope you aren't going to be mad...

To make this short, turns out he went and got me a grilled cheese and a bouquet of flowers and was waiting for me outside my work building!
I didn't get to meet him because I had gone home and he didn't know.

But what makes this slightly creepy is, he wanted to surprise me. I had not even given him my full name nor had I told him where I worked.
I just got a slightly panicked reaction from all this.

Should I keep texting him and go meet him this week? Or is he creepy stalker killer material?

He is strange. But I am strange too sometimes and that doesn't stop me from meeting people usually... but now I am almost scared to go to work thinking he may be lurking somewhere!
Creepy possible killer or just a bold romantic?
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