How to deal with unrequited love if he keeps on rising hope in you?

There is this guy I really like and I am trying to forget because he already has a girlfriend.

The problem is that he keeps on flirting with me and writes me messages. I always reply in a playful manner to not seem uptight.

Sometimes he writes me 4-5 times a day and then suddenly there is pause and 2 days later he writes again. Everytime he writes I try to ignore the message, but it is hard to ignore the guy you are into and I find myself replying to his message one day or a couple of hours later.

What should I do to get over him if he keeps on texting me? It is more than just friendly flirting, but I am sure he will not leave his girlfriend for me and I do not want to steal someone's bf.

He keeps on rising hope in me and makes it harder for me to get over him. I am so down right now. It is hard enough to deal with a broken heart, but it is harder if you constantly think you might have a tiny chance. It has come to the point that I check my mails/mobile all the time to see if he has written me. I know it is pathetic. I just don't know how to stop it. I am not able to concentrate on anything anymore, family, friendy, hobbies. Everything seems so unattractive to me. What should I do to be able to move on? I am 19 and I don't want to spend the summer in my room crying over something I cannot get.
How to deal with unrequited love if he keeps on rising hope in you?
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