How to deal with unrequited love if he keeps on rising hope in you?

There is this guy I really like and I am trying to forget because he already has a girlfriend.

The problem is that he keeps on flirting with me and writes me messages. I always reply in a playful manner to not seem uptight.

Sometimes he writes me 4-5 times a day and then suddenly there is pause and 2 days later he writes again. Everytime he writes I try to ignore the message, but it is hard to ignore the guy you are into and I find myself replying to his message one day or a couple of hours later.

What should I do to get over him if he keeps on texting me? It is more than just friendly flirting, but I am sure he will not leave his girlfriend for me and I do not want to steal someone's bf.

He keeps on rising hope in me and makes it harder for me to get over him. I am so down right now. It is hard enough to deal with a broken heart, but it is harder if you constantly think you might have a tiny chance. It has come to the point that I check my mails/mobile all the time to see if he has written me. I know it is pathetic. I just don't know how to stop it. I am not able to concentrate on anything anymore, family, friendy, hobbies. Everything seems so unattractive to me. What should I do to be able to move on? I am 19 and I don't want to spend the summer in my room crying over something I cannot get.


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  • tell him exactly what you've told all of us right here.tell him that you don't think that it's right for him to message you like that while he has a girlfriend. Tell him that you don't see any good future with him if he keeps this up. Tell him that you need to break the communication in order to move on with your life. and most importantly, get up in the morning, and start living your life, everyday. just keep living, and the pain will pass eventually.

    I agree with nicegirl1, you should try something new, and the reason is so that you shock yourself and you get that sudden rush of adrenalin and you can see how life is so worth living, and it's too short to feel down and out about one relationship.

    It hurts now, it'll hurt less tomorrow, it will soon pass away.

    • He likes you and I don't think that he is bored. He is just confused because he doesn't want to lose you and wants to keep your interest. He has a girlfriend now and by keeping constant contact with you is leaving the doorway open for future possibilities being that he may end things with girlfriend or maybe he thinks that you will welcome the fact that he has a girlfriend and you don't mind him contacting you. If you no longer want him to contact you being that he has a gf, tell him to stop. He likes you!

    • Why didn't you just post your own answer rather than commenting on mine?

    • @Evil:Thanks for your comment.I will try to move on.Yesterday I did sports again and it felt so good.Yes, it does still hurt, but I hope it will stop soon.

      @spicygirl:Funny you would say that. That is what me and my friends thought at first too since we did not knew he has a girlfriend and he flirted with me 24/7,but never asked me out. There were always other people around. So, why do you think he might like me?

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  • Cut him off cold turkey. You have feelings for him and he is flirting. Until you can be his friend platonically and not flirt do not answer his texts and tell him to stop contacting you.

    • Yes, I guess there is no other way but that. At least it is uni holidays and I won't see him since he and me live far away from each I have some months until we are in the same city again...

    • That's a good thing I think. Just take some time out for you.

  • i know how you feel and it is very hard just to forget about him over night but you have think about the fact that when he isn't texting you he is occupied with her for the 2 days and when he gets bored and wants to try something new he contacts you! I'm sorry but you can't let him walk on you like that!

    • That is exactly what my brain keeps on telling me and at first I always do ignore his texts. I feel so used and are right. I should stop letting him walk on me like that.