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I am ugly, how did I find a boyfriend?

I really am feeling down right now, I am overweight trying to change myself but it isn't working. I struggle with weight, I have PCOS so it's hard to lose weight. Feeling really fatigue, and bloated. My boyfriend accepted me for who I am, we see each other every weekend. He drives an hour to come see me, picks me up and even comes to the door when getting me, always texts me, hasn't pressured me for sex. He's shy, and he's funny guy.. even met his mom. AND HE BOUGHT Me flowers!! I really like him. But nothing ever works out for me anyways, he will probably get tired of me and leave. I have nothing to offer him... my sister on the other hand has a great body, shows it off wearing bikinis, short shorts, tanks.. dresses. She's a model, and I don't look like her at all. I am fat, she's thin. She's tan, I am pale. She's blonde, I am brunette. She has nice long legs, I am short and stubby. Even tho my boyfriend says he likes my personality and smile.. even said he loves everything about me. I feel like he's gonna just stare at my sister and not me. She's breathtaking, even gets flirted with men... ALL MEN the ones who are married... she gets attacked by men in swarms.. and I get zero to no attention. This is the heaviest I am, I wear clothes that cover up my whole body cause I am ashamed.. What do I do? I feel worthless and an embarrassment to my family and my boyfriend. I have dental problems, which means I have to get my baby teeth pulled since they didn't come in already. I am going to be w/o teeth.. I don't even know for how long, I am gonna be missing 3 canine teeth.. My god.. could anything else go wrong with me? I feel like it's just easier to not leave the house, I don't wanna be an embarrassment to my family and boyfriend. I feel like he's gonna find some hot girl and leave me for her. WE only get to hang every Saturday... cause he works during the week.
I am ugly, how did I find a boyfriend?
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