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Is there anything good about me?

Okay, so I am fat, I’m not exactly a mentally stable person (anxiety/depression). I have very little adaptive skills to change and new people. But I work hard, I can and will lift heavy things even at the cost of hurting my back/shoulder/neck/etc. I love writing and crocheting. I’m a hard stone to budge when going to do anything new. I have a constant fear of disappointing my mother/family. I live in constant fear of God/the Devil/etc, I’m not sure what to do with my life and I’m pessimistic.
I honestly don’t know how to be likable or creative. All I can do is try to please people and make up for my ill qualities by giving gifts and cooking. I don’t see how people could say I’m a good person or pretty, or anything if I’m just constantly a mess... is there anything good about me?
Is there anything good about me?
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