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Is cuddling a friend thing?

So last night i was at my guy best friend's place ( I've known him for a year now) we were bored so we decided to watch a movie , and we ended up cuddling on his couch during the whole movie , like we started a pillow fight and somehow my head ended up on his lap and he playing with my hair, and later on he put his head on my tummy , and then we just kept cuddling while talking and laughing together
At the end he actually said that he doesn't even remember the movie since he was busy " doing things " with me

Did we actually cross the line here? Like can cuddling considered the same as making a move? Should i interpret what happened as a sign of interest or just his way of being friendly? And how should i act the next time i see him since this was the first time we have that much of physical contact? Like we hug sometimes on special occasions like his birthday or when I'm sad and we are touchy most of the time but not to the point of cuddling
Is cuddling a friend thing?
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