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Do white women actually prefer black men?

I have seen a lot of posts like this on this site. Mainly guys, saying how white women (at least here in the US) prefer black men OVER white men and that they mainly date/are attracted to black men. Now I live in the US, East Coast. While it is common (maybe 1 in 20 white girls are with black guys) the vast majority of white women don't date black men, ever. At least from my experience. Most white girls only date white, most blacks only date black etc. This is the way it is because interracial dating isn't new and black and white have been dating for decades, yet today most kids are one race. This kinda proves that this idea is false. Why do people say this though? While it's true to an extent, there's nothing wrong with it. What's all the fuss about?

In my experience, the vast majority of people (probably 80-90%) date within their own race. Why do people say otherwise? Or am I the one that is wrong and everywhere else white girls only date black guys?

Who's right? (in general)

P. S: People these days are really sensitive ESPECIALLY on the internet so let me state: No I am not racist. I am white. I am not into interracial dating but there's nothing wrong for those that do. Girls that are into all that are not my type, I'm more traditional.
Do white women actually prefer black men?
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