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How can I get back into the dating scene?

So I’ve been single since 2013... I broke up with my ex boyfriend after finding out he was cheating on me with a coworker. I was devastated... because in my eyes he was literally the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. So for him to do that was a complete shock to me. And now I have major trust issues and it sad to admit but now I think all guys are like him. They start out perfect but sooner or later will show their true colors. But I’m tired of thinking like this, I don’t wanna compare every guy to my ex because I’m sure not all guys are the same. I’m tired of seeing an attractive guy who gives me googly eyes and to think to myself “he probably has a girlfriend at home let me ignore him” lol or I try to find something wrong with him. And I wanna get back into dating but how can I do this? I literally have no friends, well I do but they’re all married with like two kids. And I’m not working right now so it’s not like I can ask a co worker to hang out. I’m 27 yes old and I wanna start living MY life. And have fun. And also could guys tell me the difference between flirting and just being nice? Lol what is your body language when you like a girl?
How can I get back into the dating scene?
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