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I'm worried I will never find someone?

Me and my boyfriend of 1 year and 6 months broke up about a week ago. Good break up, he just stopped loving me.

When we first met, he was perfect. We would go for long walks in the woods around his house, go on trips, explore new places and he was my best friend. Then within a month of coming into college. He changed into the classic frat boy. He cut off friends he thought where uncool (even people he had know for four years who did nothing wrong and where housed with him). His whole life is drinking, impressing people and gym. Everyone changes so I can't blame him but I have to admit, I miss the guy he was when we met 3 years before. My best friend.

Now I'm worried I won't find anyone else. All the guys I have know in college are not that different from my ex. Wanting a quick thing with a girl and nothing long term.

You hear about people who go through most of their life alone and im frightened that is going to be me. That if a dude who was my best friend for so long and someone I thought I was going to marry can change so quickly and break up with me, is there anyone that won't? I'm just frightened of being alone all my life.
I'm worried I will never find someone?
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