Blind date - what do I do?

My friends girlfriend set me up on a date with her friend and its a blind date and a double date I'm nervous as hell. Any advise? I don't wanna mess up


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  • Be more positive would be a start

    just treat it like any other date


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  • Just be yourself. EVERYONE is nervous on a first date! Especially a blind date. Don't try to make up lies or anything to talk yourself up. Just ask a few questions and listen. You will probably notice that he/she is nervous too. Good luck!


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  • Just be yourself man! Ask question, be interested to hear in what she has to say. Its not like you're forced to be in a relationship, think of it as just hanging out and having a good time. Don't think about messing up, girls know when you're trying to be something you're not, SO BE YOURSELF, Let her know who you really are.

    Good luck homie!