Anyone else feel like you're missing out?

I just wanna have fun. Not like screwing around, I love my boyfriend more than anything, just to go out and have fun. It's been too long. Like I just miss hanging out with my friends and partying on the weekend. I don't want that as my lifestyle, but I'm young. I never really partied it up like most people.


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  • Have a weekly girls night out with your friends?

    I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to hang out with your friends if your in a relationship or even go out to partys.

    • A big part of it is that I lost contact with most people I hung out with. Not because of my boyfriend, just lost contact. So I pretty much would have to go out to a club or something, but that's not really my cup of tea. Big crowds make me uncomfortable. I guess I need some friends, huh? Damn. That's sad.

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    • I hope so. I guess since me and my boyfriend haven't been living together for a few weeks now I realized how much my amount of friends went down in the past couple years. They were mainly people from high school that I didn't care anything about staying in contact with anyhow, but I just never made new ones. It's a bit depressing tp be honest.

    • Its a bit scary at first as you haven't done it in such a long time(or maybe never) but people are generally rather open towards new friendships so its really not that hard =)

  • so what's stopping you?


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