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Help! Is he into me?

So there’s this close friend of mine who I’m kinda into, grew up together always had crushes on each other but now I kinda caught feelings. The thing is we always have this intense eye contact and even our friends think there is sth between us. Than again I got the feeling he’s into this other girl and I think I’ve even heard him talking about this girl at a party (where she wasn’t). They both play hockey together, their parents know each other and they have all classes together and they also have known each other for years. I already thought so once before and the fact that I was sitting in the same area he was while he talked about the girl.. well I don't know. But on the other hand his sister and his sisters boyfriend are always staring at me and today when we talked outside the school they were kinda teasing him? I don't know he also said that his sister obviously knows who I am but the thing is I’m really insecure about this. Normally I ain’t but I don’t know what to think about this...
Help! Is he into me?
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