Why does she say "I miss you" and "I like you" but never hang out?

I have been dating a girl for about 8 weeks. Her name is Sam.

We get along really well, but the problem is that we live a hour and a half away from each other.

I am 22 and a recent college grad and she is 19 and a current college student.

She tells me all the time how much she likes me and misses me, but I feel like whenever we are going to hang out she gets weird.

I don't get it.

For example:

Last week I was supposed to leave the country for 6 weeks (I am now leaving next week...my trip was postponed for a week because of a funeral).

Sam and I were supposed to see each other a few days before my trip, however she bailed out because she said it would be "too hard" for her to see me right before she left. She said she didn't want to cry, etc. And with the stress of classes and whatnot she said she couldn't see me.

Of course this would be hard...but if you like someone...if you miss someone don't you see them anyway?

Now I have plans to leave the country (unless other emergency hits) in a few days.

She is actually coming home this weekend, but has not asked me to hang out or see me or anything.

Why does she tell me she likes me, she misses me, etc but ask weird about hanging out?

We get along very well and hanging out together is awesome.

I'm just confused because I know you just don't go around saying "I miss you" and "I like you" because you have nothing better to do, but then again, if you really mean what you say don't you make plans to see that person?

Thanks for the help!


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  • well maybe she is jsut acting weird because she knows your leaving and she is having mixed emotions happy about being with you sad you have to go. things like that I'm sure things are find and your jumping to conclusions way to fast give it time and if it keeps up talk to her about it.

  • Eight weeks isn't that long to date someone. Maybe she is still really nervous being around you. For example, how you feel nervous going on a first date. Maybe it just takes her longer to get comfortable with someone in person. Obviously you know each other and talk but it's harder to do in person. Just an idea


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