I didn't want to portray that boring image again. What should I do here please?

OK, so I've recently started talking to my ex, I still really like him, but here's the thing...

The other day we talked about hanging out. So I said we could go out tomorrow. (a few days ago) and he said sure :-) I left it at that, but the next day he text me and told me he couldn't make it and would have to arrange another day (no apology though). I thought OK, and didn't text back. Later he text again and said he could now if I could. The problem was when we were together I used to be always available and I didn't want to portray that boring image again, I wasn't sure whether he was trying to mess me about like testing that... so a while later said, sorry I have other plans now ... he didn't reply... did I do the wrong thing? Should I have said, but we can arrange another day? What should I do from here? Thanks~ Hugs

Should I text him again? I don't want to appear desperate


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  • I think you might be over-analyzing a bit, but I do understand your uncertainty. Reconnecting with an ex is a shaky situation because you have to consider their intentions and try to avoid the same old problems that made the last relationship end.

    Think of it this way: if this was a guy you'd just met, do you think he would be mad and turned off just because you said you made other plans after he'd canceled on you? Of course not. He's not your boyfriend- he's your EX- and you are not obligated to drop everything whenever he's available.

    I'd give it a few days and see if he texts you again. If not, and you still want to hang out, you could suggest some times you'll be free and see if he can meet up. Don't put in any more effort than he is and you won't come across as desperate.

    • That makes sense :-) that's what I thought. I still have feelings for him , but I do want to convince him that I've changed for the better and show him that I do make plans now days. I might give it a few dais, how many do you think is appropriate ?

  • I think what you did was a little childish but that happens, feelings confuse you, I probably would have done the same thing too. :D:D But I think you should act more mature this time. Just make up some story about how you HAD TO go there or HAD TO do this. Then ask if he'd like to arrange another day. That's a start, right ?

    • Thnks 4 your comment, yeah :-) I agree I know it was. My friend had actually invited me over but I told her I couldn't beforehand. I just felt a bit taken for granted. My friend told me to do it and kinda wound me up about it and I listened because I just don't want to be played games with :-( I just wanted to get the message across please don't take me for granted. Do you think I should text him again then? I don't want 2 look desperate, I want to get him to chase me again and wanting me back. Hugz

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    • What happened to the new mature you ?! :D:D Days are not important, just say it. Think of it this way, he stepped forward by asking you out, then he stepped back by cancelling it, then he stepped forawrd again by sending you that text, but you stepped back by telling him you have plans, he did too by not answering so now it's our turn! VOILA!

    • Ok I'm being stupid :-( I just don't want to loose him forever by doing the wrong thing. I think he was expecting sex, but I said id go out as buddies which is when he said sure thing, but when he told me he couldn't make it that's what make me think I don't want to seem like I'm worried about this. I guess its just me being stupid?