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I catch her looking at me?

I met this new girl at the gym. We've had a couple of interactions. I have introduced myself to her. Then every other time after that, I gave her fake names just to tease her. Then she actually got my name right. She asked people at the gym who I was.

So a few times after that, I have caught her looking at me. When she looks at me, she looks away immediately.

She usually teases me with the fake names I give her. It's actually quite funny.

The other day, we partnered up in a gym class that we regularly do. I am advance and she is a beginner. So most of the time, we were joking around. I was teaching her and stuff like that. After the gym class, she teased me too.

What are you rthoughts?

Why does she look away so quickly when I look at her?
I catch her looking at me?
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