I messed up after a year and a half..And I need major help. (sorry,it's a little long)

So, me and my boyfriend dated for a year and 6 months. We've been through a lot,and I honestly have never felt this way about anyone. I know I'm young,but I've never made it past 3 months other than him.And most of that was us acting more friendly and being in denial of it not working.However,a couple months ago, I got in a really rocky situation.I felt like me and my guy were falling apart.We didn't talk much,and when we did it was very short.We each got busy and didn't have time for each other.That was how it was for a couple of weeks.And I got scared.So I was talking to my best friend. Who I dated for three months.(the relationship I just mentioned) And I started thinking of the time we were together.He was being kinda flirty,and I somehow made myself believe I wanted him.I was stupid and actually told him I missed what we had.Now,my boyfriend just found out and confronted me.I was honest and admitted to my stupidity instead of making excuses,but I really need to know what I can do to make him ease up to me and actually talk about this. I know he's gonna be mad, and he has every right to.I'm prepared to hear him say stuff I don't want to hear,and I'm ready to give him his chances to be p*ssy and lay it all out.My problem though,is that he said 'I'm tired of this bullsh*t' and won't text me back,won't talk to me on the phone,and I can't go see him right now.I just really need to know what to do,I can't lose this boy..


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  • You should explain to him what you missed about what you had with the other man, not him. If you actually miss the other guy, then you have a bigger problem. text it to him or something, so you get a chance to say it all before he can say anything.

    • "had with the other man, not him" meant "had with the other man, not the man himself)

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    • I don't know because I wouldn't just ignore someone.

    • Well since he wouldn't talk to me on the phone, I sent him texts telling him I'm sorry and stuff like how stupid it was, and we talked a teeny bit and he told me he loved me,so I have hope.

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