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Guys, was this an okay way to let him down?

I'm a freshman, he's a freshman, and we've been friends all year. I have a habit of shutting people out, so very few really can get close to me. Anyone who shows interest in me I shut out.

Because I'm afraid of relationships. I've never been in one, and I'm not ready to.

But honestly, with the things he said about other guys... complimenting and stuff... I thought he was uninterested in my gender altogether. So when he asked me out the day before Valentines day, (over text) I freaked. The f*ck. Out.

I waited until lunch break, and we met up on the balcony of the library. It was raining, and I had yet to tell him my answer. It was silent for a while, we both avoided the subject. Eventually, it came up, and I told him I just wasn't ready. That I was a bit too broken for a relationship. That I needed to love myself before I could let anyone love me. I hugged him, and gave him a Valentine I made the night before.

We walked to our next class together in silence, and I wondered how much I hurt him.

Should I have done something different? If so, what?
Guys, was this an okay way to let him down?
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