OKCupid post - Say whatever you want to about it.

What do you think about the site? About online dating in general? Is OKCupid aimed more towards the 20 year old +/- crowd or middle-aged people?

Have you had any experience with online dating? Ever meet anyone off OKCupid? If so, how'd it go? How many emails did you exchange before meeting? Still seeing someone you met online?


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  • OkCupid is a good site. I wish they would have a message-read notification, but I think they're more interested in pleasing people who are too rude to answer than the people doing the work. Online dating is a great idea, but I don't know how successful it is.

    I have had a relationship from match.com. We broke up. We exchanged maybe two emails, then we imed for about a month(I was residing out of state temporarily).

    OkCupid is mostly for 20-year-olds in my opinion.

    • There is a message-read function if you pay for A-list. I know it sucks to have to pay for it, but it's also nice to see that someone read your message and is just not replying. You can also change your username, and personally, I could swear that I got more matches to show up once I started paying. It's not worth it to everyone, but I'm glad I pay for A-list.

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  • great if you are a girl...

    sucks pretty bad if you are a guy. Its like 100 to 1 ratio on there. I've been on there for a few months and nobody has ever contacted me. I've contacted about 100+ girls and never gotten a response.

    • I know it seems like girls have it easier on there, but that's definitely not the case. Quantity definitely does not beat quality of the messages you receive. I have an even smaller selection, being a lesbian and trying to find someone that doesn't look trashy and angry. But my sister is straight and has shown me the messages she gets. She can get as many as 200-300 messages a day, but 299 of those just say 'hi' or 'whats up'. As long as you send good, but brief messages, I'm sure you'll get a response soon.

  • i am actually on okcupid. I have made some contact on-line but that's it. and I have gotten numbers from plentyoffish and craigslist, but no actually meeting.


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  • I love OkCupid as a dating website. It's the best free site, in my opinion. I do pay for the A-list membership, mostly because I like knowing when someone read my message. It sucks to message someone and not be sure if they just haven't checked it and to just eventually assume they weren't interested.

    I haven't looked at how many middle-aged people are on the site, but I know there's a ton of us in our 20's.

    I've met maybe 5-6 girls off OkCupid in the last few years. I never had any crazy experience like being catfished or anything (I always triple check out people before we meet), but they weren't always perfect dates. That's just to be expected with online dating, though. I normally will message back and forth with someone for a week or two before we exchange numbers and maybe a couple days after that, we plan a date. My last girlfriend was someone I met off OkC, but no we aren't still together.

    Overall, OkCupid has a great user interface that allows you to easily navigate it and doesn't look like it's in beta, kinda like Plenty of Fish does. It's worth a shot if you want to try online dating.