It scares me to date/be in a relationship...

So, I've dated only a few times, and every time I get really nervous and seem to make a fool of myself. Also, is it normal to be absolutely scared stiff of the thought to be in a relationship (like, completely trusting someone) normal? Also, a big part of me doesn't want to be in a relationship, and I don't know if this is normal either. I've kinda felt that way ever since I was a kid. and I don't think my thoughts or feelings are going to change in the future. I'm just scared that if I'm not interested in dating in the future (when I'm older) that there is something wrong with me. Because half of me wants to be in a relationship and experience things, and the other half couldn't care more or less if I simply grew up with no experience or and relationships and just being by myself. Is this weird?


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  • It's normal to be scared of being hurt and being in a relationship. The thing you got to remember is yeah it can be scary but falling in love is one of the best feeling ever, you only live once. (I don't mean go whore around) but date! Its ok, you might get your heat broken, you might go though some bad stuff but in the end you have learned lessens about yourself and what you want in a husband at the same time. I say if something comes your way take it, and its ok to be picky about who you date but "take chance and make mistakes" its life hun enjoy it