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Can I date other guys or is that wrong?

i've just started dating this guy, we've seen each other twice i really like him and he is super nice but nothings offical or exclusive... i've always heard people say that until you are exclusive you can date whom ever you wish because lets be honest the men certainly are... BUT i have always been the kind of girl that cuts every other guy off once i've started dating someone.. i just feel as though its the right thing to do, i wouldn't want my date seeing other girls while we're getting to know each other; as unrealistic as that seems. so i was dating this guys while i lived overseas and he has invited me to china with him everything paid for... just as friends we don't have to do anything he said... but is it wrong for me to go or is nothing off the table until this other guy makes us exclusive? in which case do i let him know i've been asked on dates with other guys and whether he is okay with that or if he wants to be exclusive or should i not mention it at all and tell him he is just a friend.. which he is now but wasn't always.
Can I date other guys or is that wrong?
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