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My boyfriend’s estranged dad tried to kiss me, should I tell him?

His dad always gave me a kiss on the cheek when we said goodbyes, he did that to everyone so I never thought twice about it. Until tonight. He messaged me said he needs to talk to me about my boyfriend and that I can’t let him know. so I told my boyfriend that I’m going out with a friend and met up with his dad. I suggested that we go get coffee and chat but he said since it’s getting late he’d prefer that we talked at his house. His dad is the same age as my dad so I wholeheartedly trusted him and saw him as a second dad. Hadn’t thought too much of it I agreed to go to his house, and this is when things took a wrong turn.
On the way to his house he started saying “my son wouldn’t have stayed with you if he knew about the shelters, he would have left you right away if he knew he could stay at a shelter.” Pretty much throwing hints that his son was only still dating me because he needed a place to stay. So we got to his house, he says it’s cold in the living room let’s go talk in the room, and took me to his room, I was getting uncomfortable at this point but still so naive that I thought he probably didn’t realize that it’s inappropriate. I went into his room and he locked the door behind me, that’s when I started to have my guard up, he sat down on his bed so I sat in a corner away from him, he got closer and said you are such a nice girl blah blah blah, and then he kissed me, I turned my head further away from him so he only got the corner of my lips, still didn’t wanna believe that he was a perv, until he tried again. At this point I realized what he really wanted to meet up for, I got up and left.
I don’t know if I should tell my boyfriend, he’s already not talking to his dad and I’m worried that this will make it worse, I don’t want to ruin a family because of it. But at the same time I don’t know how I can look my boyfriend or even his dad in the eyes after this.
My boyfriend’s estranged dad tried to kiss me, should I tell him?
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