Should I forget about him?

He basically told me that he doesn't want to speak to me ever again. He pursued me in the beginning, but since I was going through some stuff, he stopped wanting to date me. I got upset about that, and then got over it, but still wanted him. Well, he now only wants to be 'friends', but I can't be friends with him. Now, he told me he doesn't want to talk to me, and is this just a blessing in disguise or will we ever talk again?

Btw, we also actually dated for like a month


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  • f*** this guy he is just playing games and being inconsiderate, only thinking about himself. so you need to think about yourself and forget him!

  • Of course you two can talk again, but I suggest that you just forget him.

    • But why

    • Because he told you that he doesn't want to talk to you. He rejected you already and that's just so mean! You should not date guys like him.

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