Kissing/ fooling around game?

I recently discovered that my fellow classmates in high school like to kiss and feel (or other things you only do in marriage) on each other before they consider going out: like sort of a test drive of the other person. If they don't like that persons style they'll stop "talking" or even if they do it'll only be for a bit then they'll move to the next person they think is cute.

I haven't ever participated in this.. but my first girlfriend has and its really p*ssin me off now that I realized what and whom she's done. I'm about to break up with her because of it.

Can someone explain why people do this because I think its disgusting..

I kissed one girl (my gf) and feel like I've kissed everything her mouth has touched (a lot of stuff)


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  • Often times people do this because its to find out if they can have a certain kind of attraction to someone. A friend told me that its a little taste to show you what's to come. And if you like it, then there is much more they will show you. Try not to really think about the fact she's done stuff with other guys because just think, out of everyone she could be with right now, she's chosen and wants you. Not them! You should like her for who she is and not judge her for what she's done. If she makes you smile and laugh and gives you happiness why would you dumb her because of what she's done in the past when right now, all she's concerned about is you? Do you think she's judging you for only kissing her? Honestly I doubt she is, because if she's with you its most likely because of who you are and your personality. And if it wasn't then she probably wouldn't be with you. Try to be more understanding. You shouldn't just dump her over this because if she was really as bad as your making her seem, then she would be out doing that rather then wanting to be with you. Just something to think about.

    • Thats deep.

      i see where your coming from.

      it just hurts me to know that I waited for who I thought was the right girl and she didn't and played the game.

      i was another dude she wanted I believed (cuz she told me she was talkin to me and another dude and me at the same time and only stuck with me because he had a girlfriend she ain't know about) and I happened to make all the right moves she liked and now she say she don't want any body else.

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    • Ok.

      but I just don't see her the same now.

      i mean this is just one of many times the topic has come up and id try and tell myself " it doesn't matter" but I find it hard to believe when she keep on makin it sound like she had so much fun.


    • Then let her knoww! don't make yerself deny how you feel. be open with her. she can't read your every thought. and if she truly felt that it was so much fun then why would she have chosen to stop all that to be with you?

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