Should I text this girl or add her on facebook?

First of all, I'm not really sure what went wrong. We met last summer at a friend's party, hit it off, and she told me to call her before I left for college (hook up?). So I did, we made plans to eat and see a movie, and then, as I was walking out the door to pick her up, she calls me and tells me she totally forgot she already made plans with her friend (she did seem legitimately upset). So I just acted disappointed and told her I'd call her later.

Next week I call, she doesn't pick up so I leave a voice mail, and she never called back, so I just forgot about her since I was leaving in a week.

Well it's been a couple months and I'm in town for fall break and thinking about trying to talk to her again. What would be the best, non-threatening (for lack of a better word) way to start talking to her again? And if you can point out what exactly I did wrong I would appreciate it. Thanks!

I don't know how often she checks her fb though...
oh and 3rd option: I could ask my friend (who's party we met at) to see what's up with her


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  • Wow.

    You need to just stop right now.

    Get over this girl. Delete her number from your phone. Remove her as your friend on facebook. She doesn't want to date you. She has ZERO interest in you.

    If she wanted to see you she would have text/call/facebook...or any of the other billion ways of communication we now have!

    Good luck.

    • Wow maybe try reading the question? I don't want to date her, I don't have her as friend on facebook.

      She was extremely obvious about hooking up at the party...I won't go into details about our conversation but she definitely wanted to at one point but stuff happened that night so we weren't able to, so she gave me her number and told me to cal her before I left. And since I didn't do anything major to throw her off, she's probably still a little on the fence about it.

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    • If she really wanted to see you, she would've had a date in mind. She's not that busy and neither are you. Just text her. And I appreciate the thumbs down after I took the time out to reply to you, and leave you comments. I'm done now.

    • Yeah well that was before when you were just kinda being a bitch...if I could switch it now I would but thanks anyways

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  • try calling her or adding her on face book or you can tell your friend to tell her that your in town? Good luck.

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