What am I doing wrong?

What have I been doing wrong. Recently almost every time I am “talking to” a guy, we all of a sudden stop communication. We would go from texting each other pretty much all day every day, to nothing at all. When we did talk it would be about everything and anything. Things would always be going very well. I went on a few good dates with these guys and everything was all good. I knew that these guys liked me cause they told me how they felt about me. I told them how I felt too. How can things go from “ I really like you, I have feelings for you” to nothing? If we did talk I could tell a difference in our conversation… like not as interested. Was I being too available? I just don’t get it. Help! I need to know what went wrong especially since it has happened more than once.


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  • You're building a relationship based on communication through cell phones...

    Instead of texting someone and having these long ass conversations with no interaction, no face-to-face contact, no nothing..meet up! Go out on dates.

    You'll have so much more fun this way. You'll get to see their facial expressions, hear their voice, smell their cologne, hear their laughter, all the giddiness that comes from being with someone! Right now you're burning the candle at both ends constantly texting dudes about anything and everything. You're not being a challenge.

    Good luck.

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