Can I text him again just to say hey or ask him a random question or would he think I'm desperate?

I had 2 dates with this one guy that lasted for hours (no sex), he was really into me, I was into him and we were supposed to have our 3rd date when his grandmother (whom he loved like a mother) died and suddenly his calls and texts began to disappear. I hadn't heard from him in 4 months until one night he texts "We should hangout sometime its Steve from Acting Class" I was hesitant, but curious so I replied the next day and we had a nice texting conversation with him asking about my life, where I lived, I told him I was in a web series and he said "That's awesome, tell me I wanna hear all about it." so I told him some things and he texted last and I didn't respond. A week later I decide to text him and say "Hey lets hang out before shooting gets hectic" he responds immediately '' That's great! Congratulations, we should def hang out, what do you have open?" So I tell him I have some free time Sunday...and that was it he never replied which is odd. How can I open the lines of communication up again without seeming desperate. I really like this guy and want to be friends with him and who knows maybe see if that spark is still there. What should I do? Any thoughts?


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  • Honestly, this guy sounds way too flaky. Don't text him.

    If he wanted to see you, he would. If a guy wants to date you he will call/text/make plans to do so. Otherwise he's not interested.

    So don't chase him and initiate contact, it'll make him run.

    Good luck.