Should Girls Pursue Guys?

If a girl thinks a guy is cute or interesting-should she ask him out? Tell him what she thinks? Or is it a recipe for disaster?

  • No, it means he doesn't like her.
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  • No, guys see it as intimidating/aggressive.
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  • Yes, I would love that!
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  • I wouldn't mind it but I'm not partial.
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  • Other (please explain)
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All my female friends say pursuing a guy, even if he seems to like you, is asking for him to use you and take advantage of you. Every single one told me if I ever do pursue a guy, it proves he DOESN'T like me and I'm an idiot. I don't know what to do...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted E, but really it's because I couldn't make up my mind between C or D.

    I definitely find it a positive quality in girls who aren't afraid to pursue guys that they want. That being said, there are times that I don't want girls to give in right away, and make me work for it, since it's that much more emotionally satisfying when (if) you manage to get them. When they make the first approach themselves, it means you have that much less work to do.

    I like girls who are confident and assertive, but on occasion when I'm feeling especially strongly that same way myself, them making the first move, lessens the delicious tension.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I think you should pursue who ever interests you, whether you're male OR female. If you like something, then go get it, you know? You might get lucky and have the other person approach you, but why leave it to chance?

  • That would be the greatest :D lol

  • Please ask us. We are stupid ad can't tell if you like us. And rejection sucks. And unless you are ass ugly we will say yes

    • Well I am ass ugly so...

  • Dear friend, most girls don´t seem to realize that there many shy guys outside.

    I think it´s a good strategy to pursue the guy that really interests you. Just an advice: Be sure that the guy is worth. This strategy does not work with "jerks". If you choose wrong, the guy will simply look at you as a sexual target.

    Be smart. Do not be too obvious, just show clear signs that reveal your interest. If the guy finds you interesting, he will understand the message and he is going to do something.

    Sometimes we, the men, are too slow. We usually regret many missed opportunities because of our shyness.

    I voted C.

    Good luck!


What Girls Said 4

  • let him know you like him. Then see how he reacts. You don't have to throw yourself at him or make a fool of yourself, just be upfront and honest. :)

  • if she likes him, she should go for it.

  • of course. why shouldn't she?

  • You should do whatever you want to.

    If you want to ask a guy out, do it.

    If he rejects you then why would you bother feeling sorry for yourself? He's losing out.

    Good luck.