Least Painful Break-Up?

When you know a relationship isn't going anywhere, but you don't exactly hate the guy (in fact, you might even think they're a very nice person!) what is the best way to let him down gently?

I don't want to be one of those people who 'leads him on' when I know that I just don't feel any sparks between us. But I also feel like the "just friends" talk is cliche and insincere.

Help! D=


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  • It's too late... If he has feelings for you then you are going to hurt him no matter what. You have already lead him on because you are in a relationship in his eyes. So now what you have to do is this. When you break up with him, tell him what he did wrong and not to do it to any other women in the future (not being fun, being too nice ect.). If you really care for him you will at least give him the help and the lessons that he needs to get other girls. By the way, that's what friends do, help each other out, and try to hook us up with people. If you tell him he did nothing wrong it will just be a never ending cycle with him until someone hurts him so bad that he will hurt girls just because.

    • Crap. D=

      What if I don't even know what he did wrong? I am a horrible person. I should have never started in the first place. Gah!

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    • There is no way to tell how he is going to react to it, but it has to be said asap before more time passes and his feelings for you get deeper and deeper. Remember, this isn't going anywhere for YOU not him. No matter what way you go about it he probably will be hurt, and he will want to know what he did or didn't do for you to feel this way. So don't say "nothing", because it has to be something to feel the way you do. If there's no "spark" usually there is a reason why. Just have the guts...

    • It is done. It was sad, but not terrible. He was pretty okay with it, and when I told him that I just wasn't feeling the love, he asked why like you said. I told him that I wasn't exactly sure, but I thought it was because he let himself into the "friend zone" and never took a step out of it. (...it's my best guess anyway) He nodded and told me that he was actually kind of feeling the same about me.

      So I guess neither of us knew what we were doing. lol

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  • Tell him that he really is an amazing guy but that you are still I'n rebound from another relationship and don't want a serious relationship or a fling either. Just say you just realized you aren't ready to date or b I'n a relationship because you can't give anything to him when you are mixed up inside. You need time to figure out some things I'n your life and dating isn't fitting I'n with some things you need to do. All of these answers work and don't sound cheesy . Plus he will not be able to argue with the fact that you aren't ready and feel confused . Just don't sound dramatic about it when you tell him, sound positive and like you really just aren't sure if you are ready for a relationship ( don't mention that you really mean a relationship with him). But you can't say this and then go date someone a few days later ,

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