How much time does he need before he starts dating again? Guys is it really that hard?

I was wondering if a guy breaks up with a long term girlfriend of 3 years or longer how much time does he need before he starts dating again? I know that everyone needs time but do guys feel the need to fly solo with different girls for a few months, a year, or does he need 3 or 4 years before he will be ready to settle down again. How long do you guys need after a break up before you want to be serious again with some one new?


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  • It actually depends. It could range from a few days, or they may never be ready to date again. You have to be careful. The question is would you want to date someone who is not over their ex? Some guys just enter a new relationship to ease the pain of a break-up and are willing to date immediately. Probien is there is still a connection with their ex and this interfers with the new relationship. This is not fair on their partners and I doubt you would want this scenario. Give him time to be absolutely ready else find yourself someone who is.

  • Some guys jump into a relationship right away, some wait. It all depends on how he felt about the girl he was with, who left who & how long they've been together. I know whenever I broke it off I usually hook up pretty fast because the feelings I had for her are gone. If I am heart broken then it takes a little longer.

    He's been with you for a long time so it will probably take him awhile but you can't really put a time limit on something like that. Who knows, he might meet someone he really likes tomorrow, as well as you might too. Can't predict the future.


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