Why do you think it is that so many women comlpain that "there are no good, available, straight guys"?

a lot of my girlfriends complain that

1. guys are douchebags

2. guys are never as sweet as they initially seem

3. guys are players

4. the guys they want aren't interested in them

I still have faith in men! Let me know how to prove them wrong!


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  • I think that one of the biggest problems lies in the fact that younger women want a man who can be exciting and something of a "bad boy" while still treating them like a princess. The truth is that there is NO SUCH THING as a guy who can be all of those things, unless he's only treating you nice with another motive in mind. Any guy who treats you nice and respectful and really cares for you will most likely be a little bit on the boring side and definately won't be a "bad boy". Girls need to realize that what you want when you're young isn't the same as what you NEED, and it usually takes a few bad relationships and heartbreaks before they realize this. Maybe in their late 20s and early 30s they'll start to realize that all those guys they turned down in their teens because they didn't tickle their sense of adventure were exactly the kind of man who's really going to give them what they need.

    I guess a summary of what I'm trying to say is: Any girl who has a choice between a nice guy or a "bad boy"/"exciting" guy and doesn't choose the nice guy doesn't have any room to talk or anyone to complain about but themselves when things go bad. The simple truth is that guys who really can give a woman what she needs and treat her the way she should be treated aren't the ones girls wanna be with when they're young.


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  • Law of attraction dictates: You attract to you what you think about the most. You attract to you that which you are and that which you project.

    If you go in with the mindset that men are that way, then guess what, you will be right. The men that you attract will likely be what you have locked in your mind. If you set the expectation and belief that they are of another manner, then you will begin to attract men of that caliber.

    This isn't complicated, its quite simple. If you believe them to be pigs.thats what you will find.

    Thoughts are projected, verbally, through body language, and many other subtle ways. Be careful what you project.for it is that which you will attract.

    Carry the belief that men will behave, act, and treat you a certain way and they will.

    What do you want from a man? Now simply hold that thought as if they already had that.

    In many cases it is as much a character fault on the womans behalf as it is on the mans.

    You will attract to you that which you are. The old cliche: You become like those that you associate with. Is very true. If your circle of influence is of a particular type of person, in many cases all you have to do is look at them to see what kind of person you are.

    Change what you expect, and you will change what you get.

  • The problem with a lot of women is that when they break up with a guy they only refer back to the bad things he did. He couldn't have been that bad of a guy for a girl to pick him. But say they went out for 2 years and he was the perfect boyfriend. He treated her good, he gave her good sex, they got along well, but then say she catches him lying to her once or he kisses another woman, or he even cheats on her. Those will be the only things that the woman brings up.

    You'll never hear a girl talk about an ex that cheated on her in a good way. It could have been a one time deal but that is what he will forever be branded in her mind.

    That's why a lot of "nice guys" think they are getting shafted because when their female friends bitch about their boyfriends they only tell them the bad things. She's not going to brag about the good things he's doing. That's just being ignorant. Even for a girl that keeps guys in the friend zone. So nice guys have this assumption that all boyfriends are assholes when in reality they aren't. They just hear the bad things the boyfriends do. But they never hear about how the boyfriend makes the girl feel sexy by the way he looks at her or he takes her out to parties and clubs where they have good times.

    They only hear "Oh my god my boyfriend totally missed my birthday!" Instead of "Oh my god my boyfriend f***ed the shit out me last night so good and today he's taking me to the club I always wanted to go to."

    So to answer these girls' questions. They are picking the good guys. They just only rememember the bad things about them. What's so good about a nice guy that can't hit it right in the bedroom and doesn't know how to make you feel sexy or get you attracted to him? Just take the good along with the bad of the guys you are with and I'm pretty sure the good will outweigh the bad. Unless the guy is beating you or something, then you just got bad luck or bad taste in men. But if the guy is checking out other women or forgetting your 3 week anniversary. I call bullshit. The guy is a good guy. He just made a couple mistakes.

  • The surefire way is to find a guy (like me) who isn't like that. It doesn't help however that you girl seem to be sexualy attracted to guys who are delinquents, guys who will just talk down to you, break you down, treat you like an object. It may seem fun but the nice guys (like me) have to deal with the emotional wreckage after they're done. Nice guys are out there, Nice guys with a spine (like, you guessed it, me) are a bit rarer but they exist. Nothing to do but show them indisputable proof.

  • ima straight sexy hot guy

  • just prove them they are wrong :) because they need to keep dating until they find the right one ;)


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  • Even the nicest man alive will take advantage of a girl if he can. these girls allow themselves to be taken advantage of. by developing feelings for the man too early in the relationship, by having sex with him, by allowing her to use her. and then she comes around and believes that all men are this way because she never learned how to bring about his good side.

  • Guys make same complaints about us women. That we all want bad guys and abusive blah blah blah. I think it has to do with the confidence that the bad guys have when they are tryin to lure their prey to them. Sometimes the nicer ones just don't appear to be confident, or sometimes try too hard and coming off in a more clingy or needy way which is kinda a turn off. We want the nice guys but the confidence of the bad guys, we don't want the jerks.

    Guys say they don't want bad girls but they do seem to choose those too. Is it because they say they don't want a bad girl because she is active or whatever. but then when they find a nice one she doesn't want to have sex and then they are not interested in you and move on to the bad girl.

    I really think it happens on both sexes really. Maybe no one knows what they want lmao. Really, I think we initially are attracted to someone who catches our eyes 1st so before you find out they aren't the right one because they are the "bad guy/girl" then once you do you are already intrigued by this person so you just go with it. I think it all has to do with that their is such a lack in quality of people in general these days. So it is just hard for anyone who is a decent person to find someone decent as they are. I do believe there are many great people out their that look for all the wrong people till they just happen to get lucky and both finally meet that decent one other there.

    Maybe it just happens that way so you can really appreciate the one you do find that is a nice guy/ or girl when you find them. After meeting all the bad ones, you know the difference, so you don't notice the nice ones flaws so much.

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