He asked me to hang so...then flakes on me. Wtf does this mean??

On monday, my ex asked me on a friend date this weekend and said he wants to work on our friendship...and everyone kept telling me its to see if there is a spark still and to just hang out. Even though we already are good friends. But then yesterday, I asked if we were still on this weekend and he says "i dunno I'm kind of busy tomorrow" and I told him to let me know what he decides for sure tomorrow and he never ended up texting me. So I went and saw him (my dog lives with him, I'm allowed over anytime) and he said he has not been texting anyone all day and wanted to see his dad and work on his car and stuff. Then I was like a simple text telling me that would of been totally fine...i would understand. But NO he just had to ignore me. He said he might be getting laid off and stuff so I know the guy is stressing out. But still what the hell does this mean? Did he even want to hang out? Is the stress just making him act this way? He asked me to hang so...then flakes on me. What does this mean really? Men are confusing! lol Give me your thoughts lol


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  • take this as one of his downsides and you can try to work on making it better...you've logically put the pieces together for why his behavior went off the cliff, but you still should talk to him in the end so you can address something that may hurt you again

    • I tried talking with him but he did that thing guys always do where they roll there eyes and get all irritated...even though I'm talking calmly and everything not yelling or nagging or anything. Its very hurtful and rude of guys to do that. I don't know how to make it better....

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