How to deal with this...advice please?

I was dumped by my first boyfriend a year ago. I am 22 year old virgin. Its hard moving on. But I am hanging in there.

Anyway, the dating scene has been pretty rough for me. I have been on one date. The first guy after break up was a complete jerk. The second guy, I liked but he just wanted sex. He pulled out sex dice while over his dorm. He didn't even ask me out on a date.The third guy is nice. But he just want to be friends, and still haven't asked me out on date. I work with him. He is just looking to waste time. I liked him too.

Even though, everyone said my ex was no good for me. Thinking about this makes me miss him and compare and realize maybe he really loved me. And didn't just want to break my virginity.

How do I deal with this dating and missing him more when they screw up?

I don't ask for much for a guy. Religion, admire family, and a job. lol


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  • Hang in there when the time is right God will send you an amazing person to share a life with and date. Don't rush things. Good things come along when you least expect it. In the meantime enjoy being single for the time being. And good for you for still being a virgin at 22 that's awesome!


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  • This may help you. Works the same for girls. link


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  • maybe you should try having sex you might enjoy yourself